Koydol Targets Philadelphia For Continued Franchise Growth

Jan 25 3 min

Koydol, the commercial flooring brand started in 2012, is on the cusp of major franchise growth in markets across the U.S. Last year, Koydol launched its franchise opportunity after spending nearly a decade fine-tuning its operations, building an expert leadership team and operationalizing a clear path to an impressive ROI. Now, the Koydol team is looking to partner with qualified franchisees across the country and has its sights set specifically on Philadelphia.

“As we begin looking for franchise prospects, we're excited to find strong candidates in Philadelphia," said Koydol president and CEO Amadou T Agne. “The construction industry is booming and there has never been a better time to join the industry. Since we've got our ducks in a row in terms of operations, we're excited to finally expand the Koydol brand into this new state."

Why Philadelphia is an Ideal Location for Koydol

The Koydol team is looking to Philadelphia based on the location of current contracts and because of the several conversations the team has had with qualified potential candidates in Pennsylvania. Additionally, Koydol’s Vice President of Sales & Business Development Michael Marange says the Philadelphia commercial market is continuing to grow at a rate of close to 10%, much faster than other parts of the country. 

“There has been a lot of commercial spending, permits and construction planned during 2021 that will now trickle down into finish trades like floor coverings over the next few years,” said Marange. “In addition, the residential market is growing in Philadelphia, and those people need offices and other commercial spaces. The contracts we are most excited about are in market segments we already service well, including health care and education.”

Marange says many of the general contractors that Koydol currently works with, or are intending to do work with, have a strong presence and operational offices in Philadelphia. “The city continues to demonstrate exceptional growth in familiar key market segments that will help our franchisees secure contracts that we’re currently able to bid on and secure work from our corporate office,” he said.

A Proven Business Model and Strategic Growth Plan

The Koydol team has identified room for one large territory in Philadelphia. This limited availability aligns with Koydol’s innovative target growth strategy, which aims to increase an individual franchisee’s potential revenue by allowing a small number of owners to operate large territories. Each territory will be large enough to reach $5–$10 million in projects after the fifth year of being in business.

According to Agne, the team will even open the Philadelphia market for the franchisee, bidding on target markets prior to granting the territory to the franchisee so they can launch quickly and start generating revenue right away.

Koydol is able to effectively break into new markets thanks to its dedicated, international estimating team, as well as its aggressive proposal process, which has helped the brand land impressive and major projects. Koydol is also designed to appeal to general contractors with robust operational systems that can deliver virtually any size project within budget, on schedule and to the contractor’s specifications.

“Koydol has created a formula for success that includes in-depth processes, a proven methodology for winning and executing work, as well as a lower barrier-to-entry,” said Marange. “Plus, Koydol has spent the past nine years establishing long-lasting and lucrative relationships with general contractors, suppliers and customers in several markets across the U.S. By joining the Koydol team, you can leverage these unparalleled partnerships from day one, significantly cutting down on the time to ramp-up and achieve ROI.”

While there would only be one territory in the Philadelphia market, Marange notes franchisees would be joining forces with other nearby future Koydol owners, including one in Central Pennsylvania and one out west in Pittsburgh.

“These owners will have a lot in common but will be far enough away as to not intrude into the Philadelphia market,” said Marange. “Also, the city isn’t too far from our headquarters either. Our existing D.C. relationships will closely support the incoming franchisee in Pennsylvania.”

A Bright Future Ahead

In Philadelphia, Marange says Koydol hopes to have a franchisee signed by the end of Q1. Nationwide, the team plans to launch 10 franchisee-owned territories by the end of 2022, all of which will be in a 300-mile radius from the brand’s corporate office in D.C.

“Finding a franchisee to fill the Philly market will be a very important part of our overall goal,” said Marange. “Once we have established a presence in Philadelphia, we will be able to move up the coast into New York and New Jersey. Especially in the commercial flooring segment, where general contractors run off branch models, it is very important to keep markets close as we grow.”

In Philadelphia and beyond, the Koydol team is targeting professionals who understand the value of the opportunity and local commercial flooring contractors who are struggling to reach the next level in their business.

“Anyone who has any experience in the industry we’re working in can see what a rare and lucrative opportunity this is,” Agne said. “And we’re searching for candidates who have that skill set in commercial flooring and also are passionate entrepreneurs who know how to make the most of an opportunity.”

The cost to open a Koydol franchise ranges from $79,500 to $122,000, including a $30,000 franchise fee. For more information on franchising with Koydol, visit http://www.koydolflooring.com/#buy.

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